Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love's Battle

She seeks for love
He seeks to retain it
She searches for more
He feels secure with what is
She is unfulfilled
He is content in their ways
She doubts her decision, to be with him
He is confident they are meant to be
She sees the truth for what it is
He is blind to her unsettlement
She speaks
He does not hear
She opens her heart
He holds it all in
She reaches for a man
He withdraws within


  1. Each line depicting a characteristic. Nicely written!!! I like the simple structure and the lines too, of course. Keep writing!!!

  2. spot one... to be... or not to be... on the same page.

  3. Great writing. You have a unique talent for getting to the heart of things but still retain fluidity, and timing.

  4. Once again GREAT writing. You are so talented. This writing reminds me of a dear friend of mine. she speaks he does hear

  5. Kay, you have such a talent to really go to the core of the things. I feel ever so often you speak from ym heart too. Does that makes sense?
    Big hug across the pond

  6. What an amazing poem.
    I must ask one question, How do you know about what is going on in my house????

  7. This is so absolutely true and universal I think. This is amazing.