Friday, May 15, 2009

Take Me Back In Time

A product of your surroundings
My mind flutters to a time of long ago…

Swimming in rivers, lakes and the ocean
Jumping right in,
No thoughts of what may be lurking
Slashing our way through fields of long weeds
Chasing butterflies, gathering lady bugs
Planting apple seeds,
Waiting to see if an apple tree would grow
Never eat the watermelon seed,
It will grow in your belly
Mouth stained red, at the top of the cherry tree,
Looking up to clouds shaped in animal figures
Reaching out for another plump delight
A time long ago
Writing on chalkboards,
Teaching my dolls arithmetic and grammar
Folding letters just so,
Passing to a friend
Check yes or no
Marco Polo at the pool
Belly flop off the high dive
Hide and seek in the fields, long after dark
Watching the clock, with heavy lids,
Anticipation of Santa’s arrival
The bright teal bike with banana seat
“Flower power” embedded on its side
Speeding down the hill, Look! No hands!
Cartoons on Saturday
Roller skating, round and round, how fast can you go?
Camping in the backyard
Scary stories and Laughy Taffys
Dress up in my mothers clothes,
Oh how I can’t wait to be grown!

I remember a time of long ago treasures
Childhood memories of innocence pure
I hold those memories here in this moment,
As I long for it to be my surroundings.


  1. those were good times! being in the moment, enjoying everything for what it is, without too much thought of consequences or tomorrow...

  2. You created a longing of time I never had. It sounds rich, loving, inspiring, GOOD. Glad you have these memories. Big hug arcoss the pond.

  3. What a great post. I remember all those times. We were fearless, weren't we?

    You are a fabulous writer, Kay.

  4. YOu took me back in time,. I was a child once more.." Not eating the watermelon seed as it may grow inside your tummy", this made me laugh outloud many times, I to remember that, great writings. JUST FAB!!!

  5. Kay,
    i have rushed passed hurriedly once through your blog...because i knew i could'nt read the beautiful things you've written unless i sat down quietly to savour it.

    Well, i think you write beautifully!!


  6. Sweet, this post is.

    "Not eating the watermelon seed as it may grow inside your tummy" - Ha! Loved this line. It made me smile.

    Keep writing!!!

    PS: Came here via Inky's blog. By the way, congratulations!!!

  7. Thank you for putting into words all of the wonderful memories that so many of us hold so close to our hearts. It sounds like you grew up with so many of the same things and ways that my brother and I did!
    I just told my grandson yesterday that he can't eat the black seeds or he'll grow a watermelon in his belly, and now I've scarred him for life and he's afraid to eat watermelon at all, go figure! LOL
    Love your blog, will be following for sure.