Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This story is for you…my friend

There once was a girl, this girl was confused and lost, half the time she didn’t even know who she was, where she belonged, whom she could trust.

One night, around midnight, she decided to walk, wherever she ended up would be fine.
The darkness was frigid, the snow deep, so she bundled up for the winter's night.
She walked aimlessly, ending at a river, she was alone.
She laid down right there in the snow, not as a child creating snow angels, but as a young woman, tired.
She looked up at the sky and saw nothing but leafless branches and an empty grey sky.

She closed her eyes to think, like birds scurrying to build a nest, her thoughts came and went.
She opened her eyes to the grey sky and saw a single, bright, sparkling star shining down upon her.
She made a wish for happiness and love and for a soul filled with peace and harmony.

She blew her star a kiss and closed her eyes once more.
She wondered if she could disappear, be absorbed by that star. No worries, no pain.

But when she opened her eyes, she noticed many more stars…hers was not alone.
As she searched the skies distance she noticed another and another and another….
She saw millions of others’ wishes, many all the same, many not.

Each Star sparkling, shining brighter with each glimmer, not one out-shining the other as they collided to create a cohesive diamond sky.
Soon the clouds moved in shielding the treasure.

She stood, and thought of a friend

Wondering which star was theirs?
She thought of how much that friend used to mean to her, how much that friend still meant.
She thought of another friend and another, just as the stars appeared at once, her friends gathered in her mind.

Looking up, the stars were gone.
She moved on, contemplating all the people who have touched her life,

how many lives she had touched.

How many more would she meet?

A collection of souls searching...

Not looking back until she was safely home.

She stood on the porch's edge, looking up to the skies.
there they were to say goodnight, all the stars of wishes to come.
She smiled up at them as she quietly walked into the house,

making her way up the stairs.

In her room she curled-up in soft blankets, closed her eyes, wrapped in her contentedness.
She still had pain and she still had sorrow, but she knew that she would pull through.
She knew, because she was a believer.
That all dreams do come true.

As she faded away to sleep, she found herself blessed in her home, on her bed, under her blankets, thinking her thoughts, tonight her wish came true

she had a story to tell a friend…present, past and future...

Remember, have faith in your star even when concealed by the sea of others, forgotten, or unseen; may all your wishes come true, dear friend, and never stop believing.


  1. this is outstanding!!! i love your train of thought. btw, was that you who commented???

  2. Love this!!! Great writing, girl. :) I hope you are doing well and look out for yourself and that loving heart of yours!!

  3. Great writing. Did you write this?? Soulful, very soulful.

  4. You really touched my heart in this posting.