Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i wish i knew what to say,
or rather,
how to say it…
i wish these long drawn-out
were a little less one-sided

i wish it took less dramatic measures
to make a good-bye stick
to return things as they should have
always been

but, return,
could it ever?
be what we had before?
i wish i knew what that was…
was there ever a moment
when we were not an us?
it’s hard to recall

if either of us could peer
beyond the walls of forgiveness
we’d see the shattered
of our dying love unfold

fore when i find the words
we will finally know…
how deep the wounds of deceit
shall go

i wish we could have been more honest
especially with ourselves
fore if the words should never come
the truth shall still be known

regardless of the outcome,
i hope deep down you know…

i will always miss you
and what we had before


  1. To miss...something like this, is better to have not known it. I know there are those that would argue. They would therorize that in not knowing, there is nothing to miss. But I disagree. There is missing...a vacant void with no face. There is missing...a thing you held to, the imprint still recognizable in your palm. I prefer the later. I may be the only one.

  2. regardless of the outcome,
    i hope deep down you know…

    i will always miss you
    and what we had before

    those are beautiful lines Kay... reaches to my heart! happy valentines' day :)

  3. Enjoyed this very much. The untruths when discovered and the experiences portrayed. So much to relive over and over, and remember eventually less, when in a better place.

  4. Oh this is one of your special poems Kay, absolute meaning in each word, every line. I love this.....:-)Hugs

  5. awww I love this Kay...it has such depth of feeling to it. I can so relate to this.

    Keep it up, my friend.

  6. aww...yes, there will always be a place in my heart...for those no longer with me...but i still hope to run into them in the suprmarket and smile at how happy i am on the outside...

  7. i followed the lines you wrote like images of an art movie....i got sunk!
    Hugs Kay!

  8. Wonderful!!
    Loved the flow..
    Keep writing..

  9. I really love this. It touches me, especially so when I'm feeling this way..

  10. ... i wish we could have been more honest
    especially with... the truth shall still be known...

    The beautifull story
    with intimacy secrets
    and deeply feelings
    Wonderfull written.

    Kay, thank you

  11. its a strong one ..each word speaks for itself, brilliant composition..

  12. beautiful and touching...
    its hard to forget somethings in life,

  13. Heartbreaking. A clean break is better than that. You've captured it well, Kay.

  14. A sad goodbye. Expressed well.

  15. Kay, this poem was so very moving and quite lovely....xv

  16. Good byes of any type, too painful

  17. regardless of the outcome,
    i hope deep down you know…

    i will always miss you
    and what we had before

    so moving and heartbreaking

    all goodbyes are so very painful.

    Love and hugs

  18. Kay this was expressed so painfully beautiful. I'm somewhat emotional these days, more than usual. I got melancholy. (hugs)

  19. Stephen oh Stephen
    This ,your therapist will get a chuckle out of all I copied ,ha ha

    You Keep on pushing that mind of yours
    one day sweetie ,you will be rich and famous ,you will be remembered !!

    just think sweetie ,you be able to afford ,your new love ,without mommy ,supporting you both ,
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  20. I feel you there. Good stuff.

  21. Its almost five weeks of Silence now!!

  22. The silence since you posted this is very loud!

    A very wise woman once told me
    that nothing ever changes
    unless change starts within one's self.
    I hope you are doing fine,
    taking care of yourself.

  23. How quickly we can find ourselves by the wayside.

  24. @ Hello Kay....

    Even if Atlas shrugged, the world will go on....
    You are the world, and you holds your light, independent of all things!
    Been missing you since quite a while!

    warm hugs.

  25. Hi Kay
    Hope all is well in your life.
    Visiting you after a long time.
    So nice to be here again.
    I am getting back to blogging after being away for some time.

    Your poem is sad but beautifully expressed.
    Good bye's are so hard.

    Take care ...


  26. Kay, passing by to show some love. Wonder how you are doing. Hugs down the road.

  27. Sometimes memories are better than nothing. Stunning poetry:)

  28. dropping by to say hello and hope all is well in your world -

  29. Hello Kay.....how're you??

    Sending you warm thoughts!

  30. Achingly sad. I've been there and it's like having your heart ripped out.

  31. i could relate to this poem. All the scenes just recurred. Thank you for this poem. I missed your poems. Glad to expore them again. Love, and peace.


  32. You've been quiet forever... Hope all is well

  33. Kay, hope all is well.
    You've been gone for a while now.
    Take care, keeping you in my good thoughts!

  34. I really wish you returned one of these days... you are being missed, lady!

  35. I thought that if I came back with my blog maybe you would too??? Pwetty pwease.

  36. I miss you Kay. Where have you been? Hope you are well..

  37. Just checking in to see if you are blogging again.

  38. Am hoping all is well'll and you'll be back blogging.

  39. I wish you were still blogging. I hope all is well!

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