Thursday, July 1, 2010

selective memory

time slips…

fades away into the eternal distance
filled, yet forgotten
past transgressions and lessons
history repeats itself
over and over
laughing hysterically
for the rumpus delight
of the forsaken
love, let love, forget love
to love again
passionate placement
in the timeline of life
fading the memories
of long-ago forgotten
rising, to the bliss
of born-again forgiveness
again and again
each day
time slips away…
memories suppressed
be reborn today.


  1. Kay, you are so very true. time slips away...memories suppressed be reborn today....beautiful lines.. I "loved" them. Love accepts every thing. love let love forget love to love again...You write beautifully.. Do you have a facebook page, if yes, please do let me know. you can contact me at anulal05

  2. true.... well said... time slips by, and i fear regretting!

  3. Kay I am just on my way out of town and reading your poem this morning warms my heart as it so very much exwpresses how I feel, particularly actually this morning. I loved to read; Yes, times slips away; to be reborn today; Thanks so much. Hugs Paula

  4. So true. I am all about being reborn EVERYDAY! :)

  5. time slips oh so fast...have read several blogs this morning on that theme...we dont know if we even get a next what do we do today that makes it all that special...

  6. There's a lot to be said for the idea of rebirth - in whatever form.

  7. Redemption is tricky

  8. xcellent words "time slips away...memories suppressed be reborn today.."

  9. the ending of this leaves me high. time slipping away is a painful thing. i think it is for most people, at least those of us who aren't gurus. life is a flap of the hummingbird's wings, or something like that. and it's all true, and it makes me ache that time slips away. in fact, time moves faster as we age. when we were ten, a year was one-tenth of our lives. when we're 40, a year is one-fortieth. shorter, faster. it's true, and we need to be reminded. but it's your ending that brings the color back to my eyes better than before.

  10. yes history repeats itself..but the other time I fear falling in love.. but I still do.

    Wonderfully said Kay.

  11. Yes time slips away, but I like the words you used to express it.

  12. history, in fact, does itself repeat...:)

  13. Yes, time and memory are strange mates. And how beautifully you have illustrated this!

  14. I am so happy to have found your blog. you are a truly gifted writer. your poetry is beautiful.

    this line really stood out to me:
    "filled, yet forgotten"

  15. You may find this weird or stupid, but somehow, I feel like I can hear a certain tone conveyed through each piece of writing. The one I heard in here, was full of ageless wisdom and calmness. Absolutely brilliant!

  16. Beautiful. Love the alliterative line "Passionate placement". Enjoy hopefully what will be a restful and enjoyable weekend. =)

  17. simply pic 2 express ur strong words :)

  18. I guess that's how we keep going.

  19. time slipping away.. leaving me behind. Beautiful, Kay!

  20. Reborn? Too messy for me. I'll just sit here and have a lemonade. ;-)

  21. This is a scary thought for me. Everything that I've done, everything that I've felt, everything that I've said slowly gets erased from my memory. Now that's a bitch!