Monday, October 4, 2010

Dream... continued...

to dream
of new adventures
paths unconquered,
moving on without a good-bye
yet cheers of blessings and
see you sometime

through distance
the mile span spreads
love forever manifested
from the time
we spent together

yet moving on
is what I dream of
to tomorrows
new adventures
discovering the paths
of many more to pass

the question lingers,
always enticing
‘where do you come from?’
‘where will you go?’

it is my dream…
to never fully know.


  1. :)
    to never fully know
    it is neverending story - mistery of life

  2. nice. i find comfort in the unknowing...that is what makes it an adventure...

  3. Some times we are happier not knowing but pick at the unknown like a scab only to be the one who bleed tears in the end......:-) Hugs

  4. to never fully know.
    Gives me goose bumps!

    Love from my heart to yours!

  5. I really like the way you end this!

  6. Even though it is not the topic here--I perceive that the Creator left us with that blank...of never knowing for sure, or maybe never knowing at ALL!

    Until one day--KNOWLEDGE. Is it the way with love? Ya never really know, until....B A M!!!
    That 'one day' happens?

    ‘where do you come from?’
    ‘where will you go?’

    Those same words echo from Peeps I met during the recent scooter ride up the east US coast.

    All I can say is
    Kay--You're OK!


  7. It was Dr. Suess wasn't it...."Oh the places you'll go." Not sure I have ever read a more affirming book. Good ol' Dr. Suess.

  8. the not knowing is the beauty of an unfolding life ...

    lovely piece.

  9. Wonderful poem, and a great way to look at continuing through the world.

  10. That sent me off into a few reveries - not the least to the days when we had Beetles! But more than all that it is a well-crafted piece.

  11. very good point..."what is around the next bend?"

  12. The best way to endure this life is to have unfulfilled dreams, says Pessoa. Your poem is truly great. It touched me.

  13. So wild you dream and you get there... great to know you don't know where you go... but we always know -somehow- where we come from...
    I love that beetle car!

  14. Dreams always present an unknown territory but gives a pleasure when fulfilled ! Nice composition ..