Saturday, February 27, 2010


I could wait for you,
the man I’ve loved for years
I could wait for you,
to finally follow through
I could wait,
for days, months, even years,
but wait…
I already have.

yet, I could wait longer,
if you asked me to
for you to be the man
fulfilling my needs
waiting for you to decide,
if I am the one
you’ll want forever-after
it is only my love, pride,
desires, hopes, and dreams
that I sacrifice
I could wait for you…
even longer.


  1. I cannot prevent myself from copying the first four lines of a song named "I WILL WAIT FOR YOU"

    "If it takes forever, I will wait for you
    For a thousand summers, I will wait for you
    Till you're back beside me, till I'm holding you
    Till I hear you sigh, here in my arms..."

    --an Andy Williams Song
    ..lovely poen, lovely blog!

  2. Such a sacrifice; waiting for someone your entire life hanging on the mere powerful faith you have that one day, when you most need him, he'll be there for you.

  3. ah...if long do you wait...eternity and back. lovely poem.

  4. Really good. The whole waiting thing. It goes both ways for men as well.

    I like this a lot =)

  5. Sh*t Kay. I am in such a space as this. Just writing of it actually...the waiting for hearts desire and the time commitment required. I feel let down, as if my heart quest is unworthy of respite...a rest in that which I desire most. Instead I am doomed to toil....on and on. Sorry....very melancholy. But thanks for letting me

  6. :)

    sometimes I ask: how long may I wait?

    no doubt little girl,trust and love are the best reason to waiting...

  7. taking me down roads of yesteryear in your words kay...

  8. Love the poem, the words and the image. Waiting can be romantic, but waiting mostly results only in prolonging what hurts.

  9. Kay, so many women have given up their hopes, dreams, pride and tried to fit the mold their man wanted forgetting who they were and then wondered throughout their senior years why life left them feeling so empty, unhappy and unfulfilled......I say be true to yourself, honest with everyone, love is only then that one can truly love another.
    ......:-) Hugs

  10. The longing; and am sure, it will come to you, as you long for!

  11. You can never wait too long...or can you?? Oh, I don't know!!

  12. I dont know about the waiting thing seriously. I guess if you really want it, you wait for it for ever... i think.

  13. this makes me sad...b/c sometimes we wait for someone to chose our life for us...beautifully written though...

  14. Thank God, I never really had to wait for a man as I found the most perfect one when I was young and it's been happily ever after.

    Lovely witing, Kay.

    Margie :)

  15. If he felt the same, you wouldn't need to be so patient.

  16. What a beautiful poem. Strong. Sometimes you feel that you could wait forever, that it would really be worth the wait, you know. If it feels that way, I believe it is true too. As always, what it really comes down to is that you should follow your heart.
    I loved this poem. I loved the picture too.

  17. We were just talking tonight about the long "slog", being the word we chose to describe it, that we had to go through to find each other. Now that we have I'm in no particular hurry for things to go in any particular direction. We're together. That's good for now.

  18. This one had weight to me but I don't know if I like the implication of the wait you had to endure.
    My love my care,

  19. Good, very good, but I suspect you haven 't checked it out with the fem' groups!

  20. Woops all the sacrifice to get him......

    Very good...


  21. I must continue to work on my patience~
    unfortunately not my virtue*


  22. Quite a problem...
    if you wait too long, you may miss something that smack in front of you