Monday, March 1, 2010

A Letter

Dear Pride,

What a stubborn bitch You are!
time and again, You always win
times of need, shelter, protection,
Plain old asking for help,
You always step in
Controlling the situation
a masochist of sorts, You are
I wish, today, I could say I love you,
even appreciate you just a little,
But there You are
beaming with gratification,
when, once again, You have taken over
well, I, the being of my whole
am left, wondering….
What now? What now?



  1. ...Well, I, the being of my whole am left, wondering...
    I loved this, Kay.
    And, like always, that picture just says so much, too! Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
    And I'm the first one to comment! :)

  2. There must be a reason for pride or we wouldn't experience it from time to time.

  3. write so nicely to your pride...i tend to yell at mine...but it just smiles back.

  4. Ahhhh pride one of the seven deadly sins, we all have it and it does suit a purpose of sorts just not very good ones.....I think I like "swallow my pride and move forward"

    Have a great week......:-) Hugs

  5. I liked what Bernie wrote ...
    I think I like "swallow my pride and move forward"

    I liked your poem, Kay.
    Well done!

    Margie :)

  6. there is good and bad pride

    only you can decide which is which...

    good luck *winks*

  7. Oh I get this for my pride is always getting me into trouble.
    You have a brilliant week.
    Warm regards,

  8. Very creative, interesting, and humanly real... And, I can totally relate!


  9. So true, I like this a lot. the image is great.

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  11. When I read this, I read "Old pain asking for help." instead of "plain old asking for help." Isn't that so much of what Pride is...old pain reaching. Pride is a mason, laying bricks when release is ultimately in the demolition.

  12. I can very much relate to this poem, but not in the same way. Me and my pride always agree with each other, and though sometimes it keeps me away from a lot of things, I never push it.

  13. great poem! i love your writing style

  14. I love your letter to pride. Your sentiments are poetically expressed here. Love your writing style in this piece as well.

  15. This very imaginative and clever, Kay! :-)

  16. I like this very much.It speaks for all of us - well, for me anyway!

  17. your words hare such intensity, yet there are smooth edges...

  18. Ms Pride is not a good friend... Nope!
    But sometimes...

  19. Very deep laughs of familiarity here!

  20. this seems to say you are at peace with yourself yet a bit wary...

  21. Pride is what you make out of it. Can be negative or positive, depends on our approach and attitude. I love mine. It boots my self esteem or gives me a lesson to learn. Hugs to you, I am packing up and are on my way back to Germany. Was nice being so much closer to you.

  22. Well done. I think it'd be interesting to see what letters could be written to all of the different emotions we feel.