Friday, March 12, 2010

walk with me

walk with me a fraction,
a fraction of time here today
sun anew, skies sparkling blue
a stroll i must take
come along, hear my woes
a little serenade
listen to the melody
of pounding heartbreak,
eyes of deep sea blue
quiet they are not,
tears fall
glistening with wetness new
sorrowful heartstrings
pinker pink in tune
while fleshy roses
it’s here, this day
where the spring baby lay
that i tell my tale to you
the lonesome song
of yester-year
when i gave my heart away,
for you, my dear,
i wish it was
but nay, i dare say not.
come with me
walk a bit,
melancholy souls
of weeping trees sway
it’s there,
whispering secrets,
the ones i could not say.


  1. Secrets kept
    between my palm and yours
    your woes
    my own soul song
    of two lost hearts.

  2. beautiful...i'd take that stroll...

  3. Lovely....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  4. Oh I wish he was the "one" but I don't think so, at least she has found someone she trusts and can talk to.......:-) Hugs

  5. Oh please tell us those secrets ;)
    This is so beautiful... as everything you write >>> perrrrfect!

  6. This is gorgeous. I love the weeping trees. :)

  7. come with me
    walk a bit,...,
    it’s there,
    whispering secrets,
    the ones i could not say

    Kay, I love your simple way of expressing desires

  8. Kay,
    Graceful invitation... how can he resist...
    Love the words and the mood here!!

  9. Very well written ! But believe me , I too read this over and over.You have said so much in so little . Great !!