Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love's Illusions

As we laid there on your bed
And on your chest
Laid my head
Our bodies so close
Our souls so near
And down my check
Rolls a tear
I can’t believe I feel like this
To be so close to someone
And love you more
With each new day
No doubt
Or fear
Of tomorrows woes
Fore tomorrow comes
With heartache of loss
Momentary vulnerability
As I wait stagnant
To meet my love at last
And when you come
You bring such joy
I am not forgotten
Your tender kisses tell me so
The caress of your hand as it brushes my thigh
Lips tenderly grazing the crease of my neck
And whispering words of sweet nothings
He tells me to hold him
And never let go
I wrap my arms around him
With no intention other than love
We embrace for long moments
No words need be spoken
Two strangers in the night
And come the light of day
We go our separate way
All delusions of love lost
Until we met again
And here I sit and wait
For my love past

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