Monday, April 20, 2009


Sitting in an empty shell of boredom
I wait
For you, my life, to surface
Heavy lids and a restless heart
Listening to the cars on the rain soaked street
The sirens of the fire trucks
The voices in the hall
A single candle flickers
And the teapot whistles
Noise is surrounding the silence of my tongue

Pictures hang of times past-traveled
Smiling faces of a time long gone
Books on every shelf, table and seat…
They are the all-encompassing knowledge forgotten
The phone does not ring
But sits void of communication
I fear the phone lonely…

Look around you now,
See it
For it’s you…
A thought of the mind manifested to the surface
Surroundings not of God’s graces
Or Mother Nature's ways
But the belongings and life of a single soul
This is your self-created haven
To sit
To contemplate
To be
Here I am the keeper, not the caged
In this solitary space I call home

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