Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where has my Good gone?

I want to sin
I need to
If I do not,
Then I will only be the victim
If I do not lie and cheat
I will only be cheated
Joining the sinner in his game

The devil perches himself on my shoulder
He tells me, do it, do it, it is okay
He whispers in my ear, straight to my conscience
“You lose either way,
Do not fall privy to vulnerability
But embrace this chance to make things even
Play the games, and aim to win
Let your sinful thoughts come to life
You live only once, don’t be a fool”

The words of a man are only as good as his actions
Act now, speed fast
Don’t think too much,
You will convince yourself otherwise

I need to sin
To cleanse my conscious of purity
The devil tells me so

And where has my angel gone?
To conquer sins deed
Where is she now to guide me?
Sin is beckoning, calling at the door
Sin is there
Well good is gone

He whispers,
“It is okay
You will feel better soon…
Go now!
Do it!”


  1. Provoking, different,and I wonder what would be the answer to the sin call?

  2. damn! now this i understand!

  3. yeah i see, and it feels a bit lonely too