Thursday, April 16, 2009

Solitary Confinement

Outside her window lies a world full of life
Inside her home lies a solitude soul
Surrounded with thoughts in her own mind, she finds it hard to find her place in the world
Beside her there is no one to hold her and tell her it will be okay
In her eyes you can see, she is void of emotion, too strong to be weak
On her face is a genuine smile of relief to be of assistance, in one form or another, she searches for acceptance
Behind her are the shadows of days gone by and secrets untold
In front of her is the possibilities that tomorrow will hold the key to her happiness
Within her heart there is hope, that society will accept her, she has not failed yet, she will be seen and respected
Out on the current of life, she seeks to find her purpose


  1. An interesting and inspiring inner monologue crossed everyone mind...

  2. back and forth our thoughts go... the picture is perfect for the words.