Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Are Love

The irony is uncanny
You have searched your whole life for love
You know you shouldn’t
But decide you will
Take the plunge to love another
Full heartedly you stand by him
Fate has crossed your paths
You will guide your conscience
And sacrifice the consequences
All in the name of love

Ah! But you are not alone
One person the choice does not make
It takes two to complete a voyage
You’ve been miss-guided on your own tour
When the journey you were taking
Was blindly guided by yourself
You forgot to look back to see if he was following

Not til you have reached the very edge
And look down into its center
You see you are alone,
Where did he go?
You could turn back
See where love got diverted
He must be lost, following your prints
Your scent must still be lingering?
He can not be too far behind….
No time to spare, you’ve gone too far
Maybe one day your love will find you
In the eternal tunnel of desire,
Maybe he is already there waiting for you now

You close your eyes
Braced for fate
Anticipation building
You decide
This time…
This time….
My eyes will be open
Transparent you Jump!
Up and out into the arms of your destiny
The eternal world of dissolution

This time, there is no looking back
This time there is no path—
This time, you Fly!
A single soul with no sorrow
At once you feared never to find love
When you thought you embraced it, it was gone
And now you know…

You have never been alone
Gliding through eternity, you can chuckle at yourself
Of a time when disillusion got the better

Now you know....
Now you know….
YOU are love.


  1. Absolutely awesome!! you are such a gifted writer. I look forward to reading much more of your work. Wonderful imagery, I feel as though I can see everything as I am reading. And I love that you write free verse poetry. Great job!

  2. woweeeee, this is wonderful writing. love this piece!

  3. Great writing. We all have lived in these lines.

  4. Your poem above is full of expression and well affirm that love is everything. You made my heart melt and give me lots of encouragement to press on my objective to attain it.

    BIG thanks to you.Grace to you and peace from the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

    With love forever...

  5. james oh left a comment on my blog last night (first time). That took me to his blog and one of his entries brought me here.

    Life, fate, serendipity, whatever brought me here.

    I love your poem. I write poems too (always have). I love poetry. Poetry expresses the inexpressible.

    Prayer Girl

  6. Wow, did you write that? It was very good. Soulful.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ~

  7. Hi Kay,

    I appreciate your comments on the poems I post. You write good ones yourself. I would like to post one of your poems on my blog. Let me know if you have a favorite one or shall I decide which one I post?

    Khaled KEM

  8. This piece really speaks to beautiful! I'm so glad you found me and now I have found you and your beautiful thoughts.
    Please keep writing :D
    Thank you so much :D
    Have A Happy Day!